– by Kristie Moore

Many of us go for massages when we are “in need” or “in pain”.  However, most of these painful episodes are predictable and preventable.  We are creatures of habit, often doing the same physical activity or motion over and over again.  This constant repetition leads to the slow break down and irritation of muscles over time. We are often unaware of this gradual deterioration until its bad enough to cause pain. Unfortunately by this time we have compromised our posture, lost our flexibility and reduced the circulation to our sore tissues. These dysfunctional changes will slow down our healing and prolong our pain.

Regular massage therapy can prevent this from happening by catching the problem before it becomes painful.  Regular massages will help maintain good posture, promote circulation and improve flexibility.  Massage has been shown to help lymph flow, enhance immunity, improve sleep, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression arising from painful soft tissue.

So don’t wait until your discomforts get the better of you – book in today to benefit from regular massage therapy.

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