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Different Types Of Therapy Different Types Of Therapy

Different Types Of Therapy

There are many types of therapy. Carla and Charlene choose the strategies that are most appropriate for a particular problem and for the individual child and family. Carla and Charlene will often spend a portion of each session with the parents alone, with the child alone, and with the family together depending on the needs of the client.

In some cases, children benefit from individual therapy, one-on-one work with the therapist on issues they need guidance on, such as depression, social difficulties, or worry. Family therapy can be helpful in many cases, such as when family members aren’t getting along; disagree or argue often; or when a child or teen is having behaviour problems. Family therapy involves counselling sessions with some, or all, family members, helping to improve communication skills among them. Treatment focuses on problem-solving techniques and can help parents re-establish their role as authority figures.

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Carla and Charlene will work with the clients to develop treatment plans to address each individual problem that may arise. Counselling may help you and your child with the following:

  • behavioural problems (such as excessive anger, acting out, bedwetting)
  • a significant drop in grades, particularly if your child normally maintains high grades
  • episodes of sadness, tearfulness, or depression
  • social withdrawal or isolation
  • being the victim of bullying or bullying other children
  • decreased interest in previously enjoyed activities
  • overly aggressive behaviour (such as biting, kicking, or hitting)
  • sudden changes in appetite (particularly in adolescents)
  • insomnia or increased sleepiness
  • excessive school absenteeism or tardiness
  • mood swings (e.g., happy one minute, upset the next)
  • development of or an increase in physical complaints (such as headache, stomachache, or not feeling well) despite a normal physical exam by your doctor
  • management of a serious, acute, or chronic illness
  • problems in transitions (following separation, divorce, or relocation)
  • bereavement issues
  • therapy following sexual, physical, or emotional abuse or other traumatic events

Types Of Treatment Offered

  • Play therapy:
    Play therapy refers to a method of psychotherapy with children in which a therapist uses a child’s fantasies and the symbolic meanings of his or her play as a medium for understanding and communicating with the child. The aim of play therapy is to decrease those behavioural and emotional difficulties that interfere significantly with a child’s normal functioning. Play therapy is used to treat problems that are interfering with the child’s normal development.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
    This type of therapy is often helpful with children, teens, and adults who are depressed, anxious, or having problems coping with stress. Cognitive-behavioural therapy restructures negative thoughts into more positive, effective ways of thinking. It can include work on stress management strategies, relaxation training, practicing coping skills, and other forms of treatment.
  • Psychoanalytic therapy is less commonly used with children but can be used with older kids and teens that may benefit from a more in-depth analysis of their problems. This is the quintessential “talk therapy” and does not focus on short-term problem-solving in the same way as CBT and behavioural therapies.
  • Art therapy
  • Individual therapy as per the need of the client


Depending on client and therapist schedules.


30 minutes session –$75
60 minutes session –$150

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