Massage therapy and reflexology have been used together for many years to complement each other. Massage works with the muscle and connective tissue to reverse postural dysfunctions that cause pain and discomfort. Reflexology works to rebalance the body by returning it to a state that promotes self-healing. Reflexology works with reflex points on your feet that when activated, create an involuntary and spontaneous reaction in the body.

Our whole body is mirrored on the foot. When an area of the body becomes injured, the corresponding reflex point on the foot can be painful. The injured area of the body may be too tender, sensitive or damaged to be treated directly. However, the therapist can use the tender area on the foot to treat the injured area indirectly. Treating the sensitive area of the foot allows the practitioner to activate the body’s natural healing response, and reduce swelling and encourage healing of the area.

Candice Fipke, RMT, has recently taken a course in applied reflexology in St. Albert, and while she is not a registered reflexologist she can incorporate the ideas and techniques of reflexology with massage therapy for further benefits.

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