– by Jessica Harley, RMT

Many people ask me “what is craniosacral therapy?”  A simple answer is that craniosacral is the gentle manipulation of the various parts of the body like the skull, spine, sacrum and extremities to effect the surrounding connective tissue with the goal of normalizing the movement of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within your body.  In short, when your CSF moves normally within your body, you will feel better and move better.

Craniosacral reflexology takes the principle of normalizing the movement of CSF by focusing on the treatment of your feet. The massage therapist applies gentle circular motions to your feet using various reflexology techniques with goal of improving the flow of the CSF.  The therapy is carefully applied to your feet to affect the sutures of the skull, face and the twelve cranial nerves.

Craniosacral reflexology blends aspects of craniosacral therapy, reflexology and the seven Chakras.

The benefits of Craniosacral reflexology are:

1. Help restore the natural rhythmic movement of the bones of the face, skull and sacrum. When the bones and connective tissue moves well, your CSF moves smoothly through your body.

2. Help promote the unwinding of the connective tissue of the body and help healing.

I have recently completed a workshop on cranioscacral reflexology and look forward to incorporating this technique into your next massage.  If you’re interested in learning more or trying craniosacral reflexology, please contact us at 780-532-5520.

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