Goes by Jen among friends, Jennifer in formal setting and Jenny among family and Tanzanian climbing guides.

Favorite thing about being a part of NWWC:
Being part of a team of very knowledgeable professionals. Appreciate the relaxed atmosphere at NWWC, does not feel like I am going to work.

Practice at NWWC:
Chiropractic adjustmentsacupuncture, soft tissue therapy, myofascial release, lifestyle counseling and nutritional supplementation.

Playing the piano and skiing in the winter. When it’s warmer outside enjoys hiking, mountain biking and looks forward to days off to catch up on reading.

What inspires you:
Our son Avery, as he always looks at the positive in any situation.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite movie:
Enjoys movies, but forgets them so quickly that will often re-watch the movie and not realize till its almost over that I have already seen it before.

Favorite Canadian author: Lawrence Hill

Pet’s name: Princess Buttercup