Being pregnant is a physically demanding time as your body grow and expands to create the new life inside of you. Along with all of the beauty comes challenges as well. What if I told you there was a tool to help you through, that even DRASTICALLY reduced labour times? Reflexology is an excellent tool to help you deal with the ups and downs you face the whole way through your pregnancy.

Maternity Reflexology is a wonderful tool before you plan on becoming pregnant, while you are pregnant, and after you’ve delivered your bundle of joy.

During Pregnancy, reflexology has been proven effective in:

  • reducing Edema (swelling of the feet and ankles)
  • lowering high blood pressure
  • reducing back, hip and leg pain
  • controlling mood swings
  • preventing heartburn
  • reducing breast tenderness
  • drastically reducing labour times (when sessions received through pregnancy)
  • treating insomnia caused by anxiety, pain, discomfort
  • reducing anxiety
  • reducing cravings
  • increase chances of having a natural, drug free labour

As well, many women report that their Maternity Reflexology sessions help to put them in touch and keep them in tune with their bodies.

After you’ve given birth, your body is still adjusting and healing. Post Partum Reflexology treatments are effective in:

  • healing your body after a c-section or an episiotome
  • healing a bruised perineum and hemorrhoids
  • increasing and maintaining breast milk flow, soothing chaffed nipples, calming engorged breasts
  • can stop milk flow if necessary
  • dealing with post partum depression
  • bringing about a state of relaxation and restfulness

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