Did you know that there is an effective and natural system of medicine that can help release the stronghold of the past on your life so you can live more sound in health today?  This system of medicine is called Heilkunst. Heilkunst, pronounced Hile-koonst, is a German word that means “the art and science of making one whole”, and it was the name Dr. Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathic Medicine in the 1800’s, gave to his full body of work encompassing the principled use of Medicine and Regimen (guidelines for one’s diet and lifestyle). Heilkunst Medicine is gentle for all ages and treats beyond symptoms. Complex and chronic conditions for example, are often rooted in one’s inherited predispositions and are complicated by the the sum total of one’s emotional traumas, physical and never-been-well-since injuries and traumata, reactions to drugs, vaccines, etc. Like a detective on a crime scene working diligent to uncover the guilty party, a practitioner of Heilkunst utilizes natural medicine in a systematic way to detoxify the body of these offenders, allowing one’s health and wellbeing to improve on the level of mind, body and soul.

Michelle Haley DHHP, DMH is a practitioner of Heilkunst and Homeopathy and is taking new clients at the Northwest Wellness Centre on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. Now is a good time to take responsibility for your health!

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