Healthy Weight Loss

Stress is a major contributor to weight gain and its negative consequences. Stress alters our eating habits. We often eat unhealthy comfort foods when we are stressed. Increased weight gain causes negative stress on our joints and posture that will result in pain. This pain often triggers us to stop exercising and makes it harder for us to lose the weight. Pain may lead us to eat more comfort food. The more this stress-pain cycle persists, the harder it is to lose weight.

Healthy weight loss is a challenge, but the process of weight loss is simple: increase the body’s output or decrease and improve the body’s input.

The SOZA Weightloss program was developed by nutritionists and physicians to promote an all natural holistic weight loss system.

The program is based on eating real, healthy foods that are high in nutrition and conducive to weight loss on a daily basis. The aim of the plan is to use our stored unwanted body fat as a source of energy and preserve your lean muscle for strength and function. The plan uses select, all natural supplements and vitamins. These supplements are GMO free and contain no artificial ingredients and unnecessary fillers. They are made in FDA inspected facilities.

In summary, the SOZA program has four parts. One, natural supplements that you take that help with energy, and boost your metabolism. Two, eating real food and avoiding pre-packaged stuff. Three, promote a wellness lifestyle that facilitates weight loss. Four, doctor and staff supervised and supported weight loss through out the program.

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