Dr. Adams-Hessel has finished her training in shockwave therapy.  Dr. Brett Hessel will be starting his training soon.  Shockwave therapy involves generating an acoustic wave that is transmitted to the body. This wave causes microscopic and extracellular biological effects that help lead to tissue regeneration.  In practical terms, shockwave is used to promote change to chronically inflamed muscles, tendons and soft tissue to improve function and lead to reduced pain.  The technique is non-invasive and change should happen within 3 to 5 visits.  Some common conditions treated are rotator cuff problems, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and tennis elbow.

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Both Dr. Adams-Hessel and Dr. Hessel are taking courses monthly in Functional Neurology to improve their knowledge of the nervous system to stay current with the research and changes in their field. For further information on functional neurology please see the following website: www.functionalneurologysociety.com