We are excited to welcome the following new team members:

  • Candice Fipke – Candice was born and raised in the countryside near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta and loves the mountains and outdoors. Candice’s modalities include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, relaxation message, prenatal massage, level 2 sports massage and more to come.
  • Charissa Lett – Charissa was born and raised in the Wembley area and is very active in sports. In addition to massage therapy, Charissa has branched out and add to her specializations that she is passionate about, such as Myofascial therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and her first levels in Shiatsu and Visceral Manipulation. She is adept in treating many conditions, and being of a sports background herself (classical ballerina, yoga enthusiast, avid runner and skier) she is well versed in the needs and preventative treatment necessary to help with sports training and day-to-day issues that arise.
  • Kristie Moore – Kristie will be starting her practicum in massage therapy at the Northwest Wellness Centre. Kristie has played high level sports from an early age, and her hard work and training led to a Silver Medal in curling at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.  Along the way she realized the importance of massage in helping her maintain her sports performance. When not training, Kristie had time to own and operate a restaurant, start raising a family and train as a massage therapist. Kristie loves to learn and looks forward to helping people improve their health and performance at sports and the challenges of daily living.